I wish u were here..

I started to learn how to fry egg while im 7 yrs old. During that time, mak will asked me to chop an onion, heat the pan and wait for her to fried the egg. Suspen and fear, because I knew there is hot and I deal with fire and of coz overheating cooking oil. After 17, I cooked often instead of helping mak to prepare our meal at home. She keep told me, please cooked with passion, pleasure and sincere. Cleanliness is the priority and started with Bismillah. Eventho she's already disappear from my eyes..:(, I still remember her voice, her tips, her touch and everything about her especially when she's at her work station @ her fav place, kitchen. A small kitchen, buruk, kusam and sempit but that was heaven to her and to all of us too..makan, sembang, cakap, kena  marah, kena leter, kena cubit, kena warning, kena sembur, kena basuh pinggan, kena masak air etc. That was a place called 'tempat paling happening' to five of us, and im the second, marked as degil and pelik!
As for today, I woke up early,.thinking what im gonna cooked because adik told me she wanted to visit our middle sister in Muadzam and maybe spend some time in Rompin. The fact that weekend is the 'kemalasan' day for me and I normally checked the peti sejuk to clear all the barang yang sudah expired.
Wokeh..got it, shitake mushroom, tuna chunck and honey tomato cherry and a dozen of egg. Enough..absolutely perfect for tuna mushroom quiche. Cakap banyak pun tak guna, bak kata kengkawan saya, picture speak a thousand words kan! Kann! Kann...!!!
Always choose yellow because the yellow contain more vitamin rather than the red one. Same goes to capsicum..but you better eat all colors of vege vecause every color has their own function and it will help our body to get minerals and vitamins for the purpose of energy, metabolics rate as well as body development.
Tuna mushroom quiche. Interested??? Hehehe..yummy..sendiri masak, sendiri makan, sendiri puji???No..no..rasanya biasa saja, tak sedap mana pun..jangan percaya dengan foto walaupun foto tak pandai menipu..
 Saja suruh pos begini, bertujuan menitikkan saliva sesiapa yang melihat..
Secawan kopi, sekeping roti berlapis telur, perlahan-lahan menghilangkan rindu itu..pada mendung pagi yang semakin menghilang di balik cahaya suram...
RM20 / box (16 pcs) collect @ Windsor Sg Long.


  1. Beautiful..
    Gambar tak pandai penipu and so does it..
    Kalau gambar kata ok.. yakni OKEY la tu..

    1. Salam Kak Sham
      ok le kot yer..hihi
      bagi saya kalau makan waktu lapar, akan jadi sedap:)

  2. Omg kakak..sedapnyeh!! Kalo dekat ni mmg saya dah order. Hehe..

    1. Siti,
      jempulah dating..boleh akak buat untuk Siti

  3. sendiri bikin sendiri makan owh.....best juga tu. tak payah susah2 beli kat kedai

  4. so touch.. sama lah kita, dia tak pernah hilang... selalu ada

    1. yes, sentuhannya ada di mana-mana dalam hidup kita..

  5. Replies
    1. Nenet Penne
      nanti kalau ada masa u dating Sg Long I buat untuk u..

  6. trust me terbaekkk sys..rindunya masakan LW especially rendang kerang..senyum selalu LW..'DIA tak pernah Jauh'.. :)

    ~nana the lost bubbles~

    1. Nana,
      nak nasi goring nana panic box bleh tak? hihi...

  7. Replies
    1. Irfa
      datang sg long! Sekarang!!!! hihi...

  8. Assalamualaikummmm..cik adik manisku, LW. Long time no komen here tapi dropped by selalu tau..Tak pernah missed your speaking mind.

    I hope u doing well n happy, dearie..Take care!

    1. Eliza dear
      Sis, was thinking about you last two week..u suddenly came accross into my mind..lamanya tak jumpa kat sini..i left this space about a month juga sbb bz and now plenty of time..nak kena restructure balik ambik mood menulis..

      Thanks sis..u too. Happy weekend!


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