I suppose to give B kuih and fruits
but unfortunately
when i went to his office
he's busy meeting
and i can't wait for that
when i back home
..tit! tit!
B: Makan apa tadi? Shower?
Me: Sea food. Not yet.
B: Slept?
Me: No...
B: Hw r u?
Me: Ok...(emoticon sad face)
B: Y aren't u sleeping yet?
Me: Can't sleep..
B: Bck to bed. Y? I had my drink..tippy..
Me: Sleep disorder.
B: Me too...cnt sleep..with my gundik2 around me..whats bothering u. Im here, i cn listen..talk to me LW..
Me: Im not ready yet...to talk abt it...
B: Life is all abt sharing...pour itu out with a friend..not only me..get sm warm milk, it will help u to calm urself...
Me: Thanks..
B: Ur my buddy...i wish u the best LW...
Me: Ok thanks B...nite. Hv a sweet dream...

No matter what colour he is
what faith he has
when it comes to friendship
he always be a good listener
and a good friend too
what else i can say
sometimes..hvg a friend like B
made me think
..semoga Allah memberikan hidayah dan cahaya Nur kepadanya.
..semoga Allah membuka pintu hatinya untuk menerima kebenaran...
..semoga Allah memberikan dia petunjuk dan pedoman hidup
untuk menjadi muslim yang diredhai!


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