B: Hw r u? Makan? Hwz ur 1st day of puasa?
Me: Tiring day...almost pengsan (serious..lack of oxygen and it make me nausea...)
B: Y?
Me: Tadi pagi i didn't took any food, just water and pills...
B: Y?
Me: Around 7pm damn tired and fall asleep...i had a nap..pening..hypo sugar level drop..but then doc already warned me because of new med. Its ok, jap lagi back to normal..
B: Erm...u sahur tak pagi tadi?
Me: Minum la...i told u..water and ubat...
B: U degil! U need to eat. Sugar level is low..
Me: Yerp but i need to avoid carbo..
B: Well get it balance. I hate hospital. N im gonna hv tough time visiting u if smtgh happens!
Me: Tau tak pe..i hate hospital too. I hate all those needle and drips. Wt u had for dinner?
B: I had subway for lunch..still hv my calories. U don't delay. Go makan nw!
Me: Later ( i was so flat bcoz of puasa...during sahur just had 3 kurmas n a glass of 3-1 instant coffee)
B: Thnk abt it. N u will gimme an exuce then. degil. As usual!

Hmm...what do u expect if someone call friend really taking care of us...i wish that 'someone' will be forever my friend no matter who they are...


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