Health today...

Date: 22 July 2011
Time: 9.20am
Clinic: Bakti Clinic
Med Officer: Dr Rohaya Ramli
Sugar: 5.1 (Good)
BP: 120/80 (Good)
Weigh: 89kg (Obes, need to reduce 25++kg..huhu)

Dr: Morning gal..(smile)
Me: Mrng Doc..
Dr: Everythings is good today..any good news?
Me: ate a lots of chocholate tomorrow..and some more food, rabbit, prawn, crab, chicken and cold soba.
Dr: banyak?
Me: Food review la Doc..what to do..tis my job..hihi
Dr: Okeh...whateva..consistant take emeryl and hayza..(2 types of pill ive taken..daily intake)

And came out with lalam hati ale sikit sinang ooo....petang ni heading to Marriot Putrajaya and then straight to Mines for makan-makan again...:-)


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