Wednesday, 20 July 2011

B vs V (2)

B: Gd mrng V
V: Mng B!
B: Hv great day ahead!
V: Same goes to u..may all the best with u..
V: breakfast?
B: Not yet
B: U?
V: Will hv brunch..u bz?
B: Not really
B: Just after a US delegate briefing
V: Owh...they visit MK?
B: yerp
V: Ok
B: Hwz ur day?
V: Well manage so far....bla! bla! bla!
B: Ok, get smtg b4 u leave
V: Ok..sure..and u too..
B: I should, and I will
B: No worries V
B: xo
V: fine day..we shud seat..and see who will starts eating and who’s gonna finish first since we r difficult to eat...
V: Siapa kalah kena belanja..hihi
B: Hahaha
V: fine day..when we really free..haha..I shud reserve my tummy then..:-)
B: Hahaha..
B: U should
V: ;-):-)
B: U make me shile V
B:  Great! :-)

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