Wednesday, 20 July 2011

B vs V (1)

B: Me as usual
V: ;-)
B: Me bck home
B: Gd nite V
B: Wake up V
B: Laa
B: Muka sedih
B: Ur ok?
V: Ok...just feel down n sad...nvmd..
B: Enna atchi
B: xoxo
V: Nothing..hormone changes i guess
B: Wanna talk?
B Let me giv u a hug...
V: Thanks...
B: Whts botherin u?
V: Nvmd..
B: I mean it..
B: Talk to me
B: I wanna share it with u
B: Listen to u..
V: Never mind B, i appreciate ur kindness..
B: I do not wnt to insist, I really mean it..
B: I moght nt able to solve ur prblm
B: I can listen n share it
V: Its ok..when I’m ready..i’ll talk 2 u..
B: :-)
V: Thanks..
B: Can i assume that ur pillows has shared more of ur emotions other than any living human?
V: A lot...

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